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Abolishes the absurd system: Citizens pay and do not ask how much, where and where your money ends. He takes steps to pay people only what they really have to pay for water.

What do we do to return the water management to a service and not a bush?

  • Judicial defenses of waterworks and publication of judgments.
  • It reveals the practices of calculating unjustified costs for people in water prices.
  • It informs people, the media, ends the election blindly and puts pressure on remediation.
  • It uncovers tunneling practices and collaboration of "politicians" and asks for accountability.

It is unacceptable that people's money instead of infrastructure renewal, water retention, drug removal and pesticides, ended abroad.

The basis is information, judgments, and public opinion pressure on politics and remediation

The information corresponds to the fundamental questions:

How about the price of water? Who sells water in the Czech Republic? Who earns Czech water? Why do we pay more than we need? How do they look at water management abroad and how in the Czech Republic?

The courts confirm the infringement:

Who and how did foreigners install Czech water? What are the priorities of people, cities and the state, and what kind of concern? How were the deputies deceived? Who is responsible for tunneling waterworks? ...

The state we want to achieve



For everyone to have information, NFPOV administers the portal, YOU TUBE channel TRUE ABOUT WATER and FB VODALIDEM

Water is a gift, and it does not shine with the gift

Not only we say it

We request the Czech Republic to return the water administration to the public service

Petition WATER IS LIFEWe require water management ixn the hands of cities/states

The petition has already been signed

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The Endowment Fund has been working for its founders for 16 years, who have achieved a number of important results in water protection

defended the waterworks

to make the evidence available

revealed Trojans horses

Our goal is to return water management to the service of waterworks in the hands of cities/regions


Personal opinion of what is happening

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The work you are doing for all of us is extremely meritorious and I'm just afraid that by far not all of us realize how important it is to everyone, literally to each of us, how important each drop of water is, and that you are for her rescue in order to be in the hands of us, who are falling under our feet, so that we can decide through cities and towns whether or not we will have done everything in your power in the years to come.

I hope your work will not be appreciated in the far future. I believe people will come to understand how much you do for all of us.



We fund water defense from our own resources and from contributions from people who share the same opinion on water as we do.

By transferring to a transparent account with ČSOB:


IBAN: CZ7703000000000000966665


Kód banky: 0300



Each amount helps🍀, and the sea consists of droplets. Thank you