As regulated water pricing and profit concerns in the Czech Republic?

Who is the system set up? For citizens or foreign corporations?

Why is regulation inoperative? Destroys her lobbying, ignorance and corruption!

Concerns lobby and some political concerns servants creates the illusion that the Czech Republic there are price controls and profits from water

"Control" is working as a broken condom. The service of some "politicians" foreigners, allows corporations "within the law", but completely out of common sense and the interest of citizens and the state, to cast a profit, with costs and capital waterworks. There is a payment of capital, reserves, reductions in key capitals waterworks for the payment of retained earnings and debt waterworks, etc ..

Abroad and flow every year, billions of people already paid under the impression that their money ends up in the revival of pipes. Wrong. Our money flowing into tax havens.

Thus "works" of regulation and thus, thanks to the split profits from water between the corporation and municipal waterworks

What is a reasonable amount for profit vendor provides water and its priorities. Municipal waterworks have as a priority infrastructure renewal, are planning a small gain in the price of water. The priority of the foreign companies get the most money from people abroad and therefore the price of water, calculate the highest possible profit.

Czech legislation guarantees even corporations a monopoly return on invested capital and profits! Cities, towns and district waterworks pipe owning nothing similar legislation provided they do not. This has guaranteed no concern in a sector or its VW and Škoda.

Here you have a real comparison!

How is it that in an industry where billions of lack of investment, we have a system by which billions are flowing abroad and the state does nothing?

  • Because the system of regulation was set to priority municipal owners who were not interested in sending money from people abroad, but to renew pipes. These priorities took it upon himself when he took over the water monopoly corporations whose only goal is to get as much money from people on their accounts abroad.
  • Because most top politicians know that the system is set up so senselessly. Water does not understand, do not pay attention, do not have the data, information. They are manipulated from within councils, parties in the Parliament, various lobbyists eg. In the waterworks associations that govern corporations.
  • Because of the concern influence penetrated the statutory authority and government. People working for the companies from the municipal level to get deputies and ministries. They are interested to maintain the system by which money from people flowing to accounts of corporations. As? It describes gorilla scandal in the Slovak Republic.

Where people defend themselves and politicians have the information, concerns have failed! The system here works for the people and the city.

Illusion of control and "legitimate" costs

The Ministry of Finance has determined that costs can be calculated into the price of water (eg. The energy, chemicals, property depreciation, wages, rent and fees for infrastructure for ground water, etc.). This determines the so-called. Price assessment. It is an attempt to regulate, but how (not) works, shows an example of when to water and sewage are people for years counted even a bribe to vote for the treaty, which were led group profits from the water.

The Ministry of Finance will accept this outrage. A bribe is hidden in rent for infrastructure!

and people are free money that ends abroad

"Tobacconists" for municipal policy

Where water management concerns dominate, where they "political servants" often approve anything. Water prices suggests concern, but approve it sometimes uninformed and at worst corrupt municipal "politicians" who they hold bass, sits at newsagents and take it for a year, million-dollar bonuses paid by people in the price of water.

What profit collects water from municipal waterworks and what foreign corporation?

"Regulation" in North Moravia - Severomoravské vodovody a kanalizace, a.s. in the hands of spanish group AQUALIA and Waterworks Vsetin in the hands of cities

Profit waterworks in the hands of towns and villages!

1% water and 2% of sewage rates

Vodovody a kanalizace Vsetín

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Profit Vaku Vsetin was intentionally minimized profit in the year above:

3.9 miles CZK/year

Money from people have been spent on reconstruction and infrastructure development in the region than to pay dividends.

Earnings Spanish concern!

41% water and 29% of sewage rates

Severomoravské vodovody a kanalizace, a.s.

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Group profit AQUALIA that people pay for water, achieved in one year above:

396 miles CZK / year

Most of this money ended up in foreign countries, not in the restoration of water supply networks in North Moravia.

Rising water prices will not stop until the water will deal aliens!

Now you understand how and for whom the "regulation" set? Who for our money building palaces and buying a yacht?

Do you have enough?Are you willing to help with the correction? Have a look and join!

"Thank you for the information and continues to hold an inch in the struggle for water. I admire your stamina against the mafia post-communist rabble that their profits are above everything. For this I am Nov. 89 at their keys demonstrations not click. And certainly not alone. Have a nice day and thanks again for the fight, which is a struggle for all of us! "

- Jirka Ohrazenice