Because Water is my life and my life, and the lives of my children in the hands of companies and dealers are certainly not.

I am spreading TRUTH and I am not allowing LIE to control the water

Start tracking where water and sewerage profits end and you will understand what is going on for the account of the Czech citizens

LIE will never happens to be TRUTH

Those who flock to the Czech Republic with the aim of making profits from the water have a problem, because what has been set under the slogan "come strategic investor" is a huge LIE. That's why people do not know the gangster finances gangster attacks, campaign mediation, threats, crimes, watching, hate attacks and trying to silence TRUE.

  • 1. In 2002, I sent ministers information on the illegal buying of waterworks for the concerts. They lit my car at my house.
  • 2. . In 2003, I submitted to the Commission's Ministries an analysis. She assumed that the alleged strategic investors - the concerts - do not bring money to the water supply, but come for profits. There was a physical assault on me and my wife, after which I ended up in the hospital.
  • 3. Three weeks after I removed the plaster, threats came. A foreign man told me in the parking lot where my wife was carrying children, and advised me to withdraw from the Commission.
  • 4. After the General Assembly of Vak Zlín on April 30, 2004, at the departure, the "lawyer" stepped in and threatened to go back to work again.
  • 5. In 2005, two years after I was working in the Commission, there was even a bloody accusation. "The lawyers" of the Veolia group claimed that I offered them in 2003 that the Commission would go to the group. The unlawful allegations were lifted in just 19 days, when the public prosecutor revealed the plot. Just an idiot, he would have believed the group would wait two years before going to the police if it were true what the gentlemen had said to the police.
  • 6. "Journalist" describes me as a pest and corrupter. "Snakes at the City Hall" put the waterworks at the general meeting on the chair instead of showing that the deal with the group will lead to expensive water and the loss of subsidies.
  • 7. The management of the tunneled Zlín Vaku threatened me with a criminal notification if I did not stop informing about the events in Vaku Zlín. I called them: Kill, file a criminal complaint ... They did not deliver.
  • 8. Today, DG Veolie, Mr. Bernard, originally the director of the water-well of Zlín, who presented the mayors with the agreement with Veolia, sent me letters to the Council of the Czech Television and to the Council for Radio Broadcasting. He forgot to state that the criminal charge he describes was canceled by the Public Prosecutor for 19 days and, on the contrary, the court over his cooperation with Veolia decided as follows: "It is not normal for the Managing Director and Deputy Chairman of the Waterworks Board, as a person caring for the Company's property with the care of a good manager who, having regard to the outcome of the election, has a general authority, persuaded the members of the shareholders 'council about the need to sell part of a company managed by him in situations where such resolutions previously rejected the members of the shareholders' council.
  • 9. Year 2017. A final judgment is handed down in the case of Vak Zlín. It shows that for years I have been telling the truth about the illegal tunnel of the waterworks.
  • 10. 2017 VEOLIE and MOVO file for me the claim for alleged damage to the "good" name. Both of these firms are headed by Mr. Bernard, a person who assisted in unlawfully making profits from the water from Vuk Zlín to Veolia, which the courts confirmed.

I handed the ministries an analysis of the waterworks, and the gangsters lit a car and a garage

In December 2002, I submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture, Finance and Home Affairs the Analysis of Grouping of Unlawful Urban Waterworks

To the snakes in the suits, this one told the ministry, and they paid for the gangster attack, because they did not want politicians to learn TRUE. In January 2003, a car and a garage burned at my house.

I forwarded an interdepartmental analysis to the Commission about how the concerts are bypassing the statutes and secretly dominating the Czech waterworks

In 2003, I documented how Trojan horses from the politicians squandered and manipulated the deputies to get the monopoly of water into the hands of the group.

Someone paid two borsons who beat me by the house. I ended up in a hospital with a brain shake, a broken arm and ...

Then I was threatened that if I did not get out of the committee, the attack would concern my family. That is why I resigned from the Commission. Before, however, I have proven that they can not resist the interests of the state, but of the concern.

My crooked allegations organized by the "lawyers" of the group ended in a 19-day fiasco. But there was a media campaign, kt. she should be dirty.

Only a very stupid person "trusts" that Veolie would have waited two years to report to the police that I was offering it the influence of the Commission and asking for the money.

The prosecuting prosecutor has canceled my absurd allegations and revealed the strange courtesy and zeal of the police.

The same thing was done the second time, when the gentlemen even produced a video in which the gangster outfit and the lawyer, who had my name in my mouth. It was not difficult for the police to find out if money flowed from PENTA or from me.

In 2003, this lawyer invited me to meet with Penta, who might be a competitor of the group. I urged her to present her intentions to the Commission, which I announced to the Commission. I have rejected other offers with them. Everything they wanted to say to the Commission.

Then the attorney said he would not cooperate with me because he works for PENTU and she does not want it, and my physical assault with two attackers has come.

The perpetrators and those who funded the police did not find it, but the connection with the water was obvious, because I was subsequently threatened with another attack, this time my family, if I did not get out of the Commission. Which is why I resigned from my membership in the Commission.

The 2010 Gorilla Case revealed the connection between PENTA and Veolie. What does it mean for humans and waterworks, T. Nicholson described in the book of Gorilla.

The book by T. Nichols - Gorilla explains many

    [op_file_download_item title="GORILA%3A%20https%3A%2F%2Fcs.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FKauza_Gorila" icon="style1-Pdf-64x64.png" file="https://pravdaovode.cz/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Nicholson-Tom-Gorila.pdf" package="" level="" new_window="Y"]The%20Gorilla%20Case%20is%20a%20Slovak%20political%20scandal%20with%20the%20name%20Gorilla.%3Cbr%2F%3E%3Cbr%2F%3EThe%20document%20describes%20details%20of%20alleged%20interviews%20between%20Penta%20Investments%20co-owner%20Jaroslav%20Ha%C5%A1%C4%8D%C3%A1k%20and%20leading%20politicians%20in%202005%20and%202006.%20The%20SIS%20file%20describes%20details%20of%20commissions%20and%20bribes.%3Cbr%2F%3E%3Cbr%2F%3EIn%20the%20file%20are%20statements%20concerning%20the%20financing%20of%20political%20parties%20Smer-SD%2C%20SDK%C3%9A%2C%20KDH%2C%20SMK.[/op_file_download_item]

Based on my evidence, the judge came to these conclusions


The Constitutional Court confirms my opinion about the offense of the Supreme Court judges and confirms the plots of politicians in the waterworks case Zlín

Veolia to me and to a number of other people, mayors, journalists, the prosecutor filed suit

We do not have to solve anything like this in the Czech Republic unless the concerts at our wells will be 🙂

That's why I founded the TRUTH ABOUT WATER FOUNDATION, which aims to return water to the city / state, as a public service and not a source of mining profits



Personal opinion of what is happening

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The work you are doing for all of us is extremely meritorious and I'm just afraid that by far not all of us realize how important it is to everyone, literally to each of us, how important each drop of water is, and that you are for her rescue in order to be in the hands of us, who are falling under our feet, so that we can decide through cities and towns whether or not we will have done everything in your power in the years to come.

I hope your work will not be appreciated in the far future. I believe people will come to understand how much you do for all of us.



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