Maybe you also have a pretty absurd system:
Citizen, drink and do not ask what. Pay, do not ask who and how much. Shut up and do not look where your pocket ends.

We ask for the remediation of things around the water after the Parliament of the Czech Republic and we are launching the return of the water management to the waterworks in the hands of the towns in the form of


Ending the senseless commercialization of water helps your signature here and now

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Signatures are collected even though we have 14,000 physical signatures.👍 Every citizen has the opportunity to add to the request for redress to the politicians.💦 Let politicians see what people demand. Please send your signed petitions again by post. It is a policy, because the petition committee eliminates part of the signatures, for example, because of the reduction of the name of the cities and the listing of the mule's feet - "-.

When the droplet joins the sea, each signature helps the sea form.

The Parliament of the Czech Republic is to defend the interests of citizens and not of companies we therefore request

  • Establishing the principle that "water is not a commodity".
  • Securing water resources, supplying the population with drinking water.
  • Guarantees that access to drinking water is the fundamental right of a citizen.
  • Investigation of unlawful installations of companies to Czech wells.
  • Ensuring the safety of spring, water and water supply.
  • ...

Politicians are just afraid of public opinion, and we are the citizens.

Do you want water without Trautenberks and corporations?

Then ... right now.

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Only Libya on FB policy to remedy will not bring!

A state that has no direct influence on water and everything related to it is not a sovereign state.

We demand that the Czech Republic be a sovereign state.

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Signatures came from the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic