Are you fed up with permanent increasing prices of water?

Don´t you understand why the Czech water has been sold by foreigners? Do you want clean water, repaired tubing or do you want foreign corporations to get the gains?

If so, here is the right place, where you are.Here you can understand, what happenes and how you can help with the retrieval/remedy! The water supply management in the Czech Republic works like a  colander.We and the municipalities pour money in it and the foreign corporations draw off  a considerable part. That´s why our money end up abroad instead of being invested into the repair of tubing and the price of water increase. That is why we pay always more and more but the waterworks miss the money needed for the repair of the tubing their  time of life ends.

A few „political cunning fellows“made of Czech water a fiddle for foreign corporations.

We invest to digging a well that would bring us clear water. It is logical, we all need water. However, it is absolutely illogical, that once we finance and make it work, we place a french fellow between the house and  the well and he starts selling out our water! He doesn´t invest anything and we shall pay all his costs and plus gain that he requires!

More than half of the Czech water resell the foreigners to us. You pay and you think that your money is destinated for the renewal of the tubing, where there is flowing „clear water“. This is not true. Only in 2015 about 2 billions Czech Crowns flew abroad and next approx. 3 billion were encashed by „service companies“.

Every year we send abroad to: CZK

5 billion Czech Crowns

This is the value of the new water clearing for the entire Prague or three new water clearings for Brno, Ostrava and České Budějovice.

Water is our life and nor our life neither the life of our children doesn´belong to the hands of the concern

Ing. Radek Novotný

„The water privatisation is interesting for a few „politicians“during the first day once they accept the cash for handing over the water monopol to the concern. For the next 20-30 years this privatisation is very interesting but only for concerns.They encash from the people 1000x more then they invested and the municipalities don´t have real impact on anything and depend fully on the concers. That is why there is always money missing in this branch although we pay always more and more for water.“

Ing. Radek Novotný, author of the project PRAVDA O VODĚ – TRUE ABOUT THE WATER

I can afford to say that because it´s been more than 15 years that I´ve been doing all my best that the money taken from people get for the renewal of the tubing and not on the acconts of the concers abroad, where our municipalities don´t own any tubing. I helped to stop a handover of water to the concerns in Přerov, Kroměříž, Náchod, Pardubice či v Břeclav...

People from those districts have very often lower prices for waterm city waterworks draw grants from the European Union for the renewal of the waterwork infrastructure and the cities spare money from their budgets thanks to that. Money that come from people to the water supply management, city waterworks invest into renewal and development of the water supply management.

Do you know the fairy tale“ How Trautenberg sold water“?

Between the water and people, there was placed a stooge who wanted to sell water and encash the gain.

Kdo drží v rukou prodej vody, ten určuje cenu vody a inkasuje zisky

The reality in the Czech Republic is the same as in the fairy tale. Trautenberg is back. He is smartly as a „strategic investor and partner of the municipalities“ and Kuba, Anče do the dirty job for him!

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How much does the „Trautenberk system“ cost for one family?

Typical prefabricated house: 6 floors and 4 housing units in one floor. A municipality with approx. 2000 inhabitants, that means 600-650 family houses..A municipality waterwork charges  about 70-80 CZK/m3. Foreign concerns about 100-120 CZK/m3.

The price of the water is often unnecessarily higher of about 30-40%.

a prefabricated house, housing unit

  • Water consumption : 100 liters per day
  • family: 3 person
  • price of the water from the waterwork to the concern: 120 CZK/m3
  • price of the water from the waterwork for the city: 80 CZK/m3

family savings per year

4.380 CZK

one house

24 flats in one prefabricated house

105.120 CZK

a family house

  • Water consumption: 250 liters /day
  • a family: 3 person
  • price of water from waterwork for the concern: 120 CZK/m3
  • price of water from waterwork for the cities: 80 CZK/m3

savings of a family per year

10.950 CZK

one village

650 houses in one village

7.117.500 CZK

This happens with the water and our money, because we don´t focus much on all the events regarding the water and we didn´t control the „politicians“!

Snakes in the town and city halls and concern servants in several unions that are governed and financed by concerns, thy always find an „explanation“ why to raise prices of water for people.

Water means for corporations power.

They proclame that prices of water must raise because there are missing the money for investments for renewals of tubing and thereby big amounts of our money flow to the accounts abroad.

That´s why there are fees for waterclock for rainy water, for wells, tax for wheelbarrow, tax for clay and billion…. taken from people flow every year abroad. The country watches by how the citizens of the Czech Republic and many cities and municipalities became“milky cows“.

If we don´t send the money to France,we can invest it in the renewal of tubing or decrease the water prices.

What can you do, therefore? Stop further price increases water!

"I would like to thank you for the work that you have been doing because it makes sense. If every person on this planet just moved his ass for the good of the people around, we would be over this issue. And I believe this time is coming. The rams are more and more often leave the flock and go their own way to support a good thing."

- Gabriela Fuksová

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