By the pressure of public opinion on politicians we can force them to act in the interest of people, otherwise they will not be in politics

How to achieve?

  1. To bring an action for the cessation of the unlawful situation.
  2. Do not conclude other contracts the raiders want.
  3. Do not prolong contracts with aliens to be valid.
  4. Buy waterworks back where the above can not be used.

Each of these paths requires:

  1. Legal defense of water through courts.
  2. Informing people about what is happening.
  3. Help rational politicians.
  4. Permanent Pressure on Political Snakes and their Discovery.

The villains are afraid of elections and public opinion.

People are not interested in "politicians, but real steps and redress. That is why:

The Endowment Fund TRUE OF WATERWe require water in the hands of cities/states

Did somewhere get the water back to the cities?

Yes. In France, Germany and America. People have forced politicians to deal with collaborators in their own ranks. Why? Because informed people do not tolerate villains in politics ...

How can water be returned under the management of cities and their waterworks?

  • 1. End the unlawful tunnels of city waterworks through the courts

    An attempt to unlawfully bring the monopoly of water from municipal waterworks into the hands of the invaders took place throughout the Czech Republic. Serious judgments prove a plurality of politicians in the interest of private companies.

    (Zlín) = The legal condition for the legal conclusion of the contracts and the transfer of water into the hands of the group is not fulfilled. We have documented cases and published publicly by Zlín and Prague.

  • 2. Do not conclude any other contracts with concerts and dealers

    Where water is in the hands of city waterworks, new deputies have no experience with raiders, and attempts are still being made to (h) hijack a deputy, or corrupt or otherwise „mock“ them. For profiteers, profits from the water are a huge attraction.

    When municipalities have information and water management with their own water management, then villains have no chance.

  • 3. Do not extend the contracts with the concerts, which gradually end

    The closure of business contracts with foreigners is coming to an end in Ostrava, Brno, Sokolov, in the north of Bohemia. Prepare city waterworks for a takeover of water. This is happening for example in Paris.

  • 4. Buy back waterworks from the group or dealer

    Buy waterworks back for example in the northern Moravia is expensive but still for the village and stand a convenient step. Its postponement leads to the „depletion“ of the infrastructure and to the transfer of the burden in the future. This was done in Germany (Berlin).

It is necessary to choose politicians who defend the interests of people and towns, not of the concern

How do you know this policy?

Do you want to answer the question:

Who should have water - water management - water infrastructure - cash flows and water gains? Country (s) or foreign country?

If he does not respond, then he probably does not know anything about the water and if he starts attacking you verbally, then he is a Trojan horse.

WATER AND WHO CHOOSEDefense of waterworks against tunneling

Foreigners do not voluntarily pass the water. He knows that when the contracts expire, the value of their firms is minimal.

Tunnel at the end of the tunnel

Snakes at city halls, 2-3 years before the end of the contracts, propose a modification of the system. "Operating" system overlaps to "service". "Treaties" will be secret, and the deputies will not even see them, "only" approves them.

The villains under the slogan - we return the water to the hands of Czechs - overwork the operating "contracts" with the bureaus of the service.

Fighting villains with water is going through the courts for years

JUDICIAL DEFENSEDefense of waterworks against tunneling


Personal opinion of what is happening

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Public interest and the ability to enforce it disappear from the water industry. The state and its citizens find themselves in the hands of interest groups that secretly work for foreign gangs.

The model operates at a high level of systemic corruption, in which private interest representatives occupy the positions where they create rules for the group and for protecting their interests. Sources from public budgets or from various measures of an economic nature are used in favor of interest groups at the expense of citizens and taxpayers, cities and the water sector.



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