Unique map of current prices of water in the districts of the Czech Republic

How much do you pay for water? Who has more expensive water, foreign concerns or urban waterworks? Why?

Get with the mouse on a district and a price of water appears

Unlike other various price surveys on the Internet, project THE TRUTH ABOUT WATER provides comparable information on prices of water. That´s why on this PRICE MAP the prices of vodne a stocne are converted to the same base- na mono price. On the other websites, the information about the prices get mixed very often, when there are stated prices Vat included, without VAT, prices mono and prices two component. In Czech we say “ they mix pears with apples“ and people get confused with comparing the prices.


What makes the price of water? What is water and sewer rates?

How is the price of water set and who makes it?

Price of water or water and sewer rates, is set for 1m3, and this corresponds to 1 000 litrům. You can also see the price per 1 kubik or CZK/m3. The price is introduced as alltogether or all separately (water and sewer rates). Water vendors (so-called operators) set the water and sewer rates by the calculation. They put together all the authhorised costs and add to them an „adequate gain“. This is how the sum of so-called complete own costs and gain comes up and this is divided by the planned volume of delivered/cleaned water for the following year. This is how the price of water and sewer rates per 1m3/CZK comes up and i tis announced as the price of water for the following calendar year.

Water rates

Water rates is the user´s payment for the consumption of water. Water rates includes the payment for taken drinking water. As for the base for billing of water rates is used the information on the water clock about the used water. Waterclock is a measuring tool placed by the customer.

Water rates is payment for water delivered through the water tubing. It includes the price of water, costs for her delivery and the gain of the supplier. The duty to pay vodné arised by flowing the water into the tubing connected behind the water clock.

Sewer rates

Sewer rates is a fee for taking away the waste water and her cleaning. The duty of paying sewer rates came up by the moment of flowing the water into the sewerage. The duty of paying sewer rates for the household comes up by the moment of flowing ofthe waste water in the sewerage. The price of sewer rates makes almost approximately a half of the total price of water. The volume of waste water that the customer pays for sewer rates is made up from the volume of water that flew came to the household, so from the information about the volume of water measured on the water clock.

The price of water is probably regulated. How does the regulation work? How are the gains of the concerns regulated and who supervises is?

The prices of water are proposed by the concern, however they are often approved by uninformed, in worse case, corrupted politicians(sometimes the „servants“ of the concern) and those, if they hodl together, they sit in so-called „tobacco shops“ in organs of waterworks, and take for it annualy million in awards and those money are paid by people in the price of water.

Does it seem to you that the gains of the concern are regulated by someone when you see the gains the municipal waterworks are reaching?


Single and two component price water. O co jde a pro koho je to výhodné?

In most of the districts of the Czech Republic the customers pay for the volume of taken water = one-component. However in some of the districts it was set by the operators (especially those from abroad), that not the only used water will be charged, but also the paushal fee dependent on the size of the waterclock = two-component price

Two-component price = in fact that means that even if you don´t take a glass of water, you´ll pay for water anyway.

What a kind of bullshit is this?

A colonial trap or so-called operational model

It handels about a model that separates what is unseparated, the well and the selling of water. From one waterwork there will be made two (in many regions it means more “tobacco shops“ for the servants of political concerns). The gain flows to the concern and the costs of water or remain for the cities. All that is paid by people included in their prices for water or from the taxes through public budgets.

Only who sells the water has the right to put water rates and sewer rates  into the calculation. It is the concern who has the right to do that, not the owner of the structure – cities and municipalities. In addition the gain is deduced from the REFUNDABILITY of the invested capital of the concern.The municipalities have in this case no right for the refundability of their investments.

What is the operational model?What is the operational model? What does it mean for the price of water and people?

Increasing prices of water doesn´t finish unless the water remains „ the fiddle of foreigners“!

public opinion


Water is the life and nor our life neither the life of our children doesn´t belong to the hands of concern at all!

That´s why I do the this. Look and join us.

„The older I am the more I consider characters of people and my effort is supported a lot by helping people where I am able to help and if I see that we are more and numerous who are not just blind sheeps.That´s why I didn´t …. And I had to write this to youbecause I estimate you. Also because I know about you for very longtime.So, once more, thank you and HOLD ON!!! I´ve admired what you have been doing. Have always someone beside who supports you although i tis not easy with our government and with our nation that still sleeps or is waiting that the others manage it to be a part of the crowd then. Well i tis important to have clear conscience . Také care!“

- Jana Svobodová, České Budějovice

Add your opinion about how the „water issue“ shall be set.

Nakolik je obchod s vodou výhodný a pro koho ?

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